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Plate Compactors

A wide variety of plate compactors are available, including: Forward, Reversible, Gas, Diesel, or Electric powered, regular or hydraulically controlled

Vibratory Plate Compactors are a tremendously useful tool for countless counstruction projects: Site prep for laying pavers or stone, Tamping earth to the proper densisty for a concrete pour, finishing fresh asphalt, compacting blacktop patch areas and potholes and much more. 

We have several sizes and weights. Narrow tampers for trench applications and wide tampers for good production time. Power sources available on our soil compactors are electric motor, gas, and diesel. Also check out our reversible units!

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Plate Compactor PB198 Subaru

$2,297.00 Now $1,495.00

Plate Compactor PB137-Honda


Plate Compactor PB137-Electric

$3,050.00 Now $2,295.00

Plate Compactor PB176 Honda

$1,997.00 Now $1,598.70

Round Base Plate Compactor PB180

$2,654.00 Now $2,195.00

Plate Compactor PB184 110V Electric

$3,900.00 Now $2,795.00

Roller / Paver Compactor PB193 Subaru

$2,850.00 Now $2,195.00

Plate Compactor PB22

$1,992.00 Now $1,395.00

Plate Compactor PB220 Honda

$2,135.00 Now $1,495.00

Plate Compactor PB250 Subaru


Electric Reversible Plate Compactor PB33R 220v

$5,895.00 Now $3,995.00

Hydraulic Reversible Plate Compactor PB570H

$8,995.00 Now $5,895.00

Reversible Plate Compactor PB747 Subaru

$7,548.00 Now $5,395.00